Master The ABCs Of Your Creative Art Business in 5 Days!

A Free 5-Day Email Course that'll help you:✔️ A: Align With Your Ideal Client (The WHO?)
✔️ B: Build Your Niche (The WHAT?)
✔️ C: Craft Your Value Proposition (The HOW?)

(With my 5 strategically-engineered ChatGPT prompts 🤫)

"Diving into AI with this course radically changed my approach to business, opening doors I never anticipated."

Hey there! I'm Mandy, your friendly neighborhood tech whisperer turned Surface Pattern Designer

I swapped server rooms for studios, channeling my tech know-how and undying love for art into creating patterns that pop. My technical background and love for teaching inspired me to create courses that help artists merge creativity with technology.
Now, I'm excited to share all I've learned with you in this free 5-day email course, blending art with tech to empower your creative journey. Let's make something beautiful together!

📍Find Your Tribe: Learn to connect with the perfect audience who'll love your art as much as you do.📍Carve Your Space: Define a unique niche that sets you apart in the bustling art world.📍Show Your Spark: Craft a compelling message that highlights why your art is a must-have.(All with exclusive access to my top ChatGPT prompts!)This free email course gives you everything you need to supercharge your creative business strategy.

What you can expect to get out of this course:

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Day 1: Identifying your ICA (the Who) - It's like finding the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Identifying your ICA is your first step towards art world domination.Day 2: Understanding your ICA’s pain points - Getting up close and personal with your ICA’s worries and woes, because knowing is half the battle.Day 3: Turning ChatGPT into your loyal teammate - Imagine having a brainstorm buddy on steroids. That’s ChatGPT for you, ready to make your art business slicker than a whistle, while you focus on creating.Day 4: Finding your Artistic Niche (the What)- It’s all about marking your territory in the art jungle. Finding your niche means finding your tribe.Day 5: Defining your Unique Value Proposition (the How) - We’re talking about crafting a UVP that’s like a magnet for your ideal customers, pulling them in with the promise of something extraordinary.

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